Surrogacy and the Single Dad

Feminists laugh off the MGTOW phenomenon, implying that only lower-status males are joining the “no ma’am club.” After all, the feminine imperative demands only the finest in provisioning from her lifetime partner. One wonders if these gals are whistling past the graveyard in the wake of a new phenomenon, that of high-income males importing eggs from eastern Europe, and hiring surrogates in Mexico, to really go it alone, and protect themselves and their offspring.

I first started looking into surrogacy surrogatefollowing a throw-away line by Janet Bloomfield about surrogate mothers being available for as little as $20k. I don’t doubt her sources, but to ensure full parental rights, genetic testing, and guarantees of paternity, a man is looking to spend about twice that.

The industry itself is rather fast-moving. Up until a year ago, most of the clinics were based in Thailand.  Fly-by-night outfits, scandals (including one chap who sought to repopulate Japan all by his lonesome), and general political instability have moved Siam off the surrogacy radar, so, enter Mexico.

Wish I’d saved a screencap from six months ago, ‘cuz at the beginning of this year, there were only a couple of clinics. I bet they’re paying at least $.50 a click for those google adsense searches now.

The primary market for surrogates has supposedsingledadly been gay men. It doesn’t look like anyone has been keeping hard data, but in true journalistic fashion, between our hero in Japan, limited reportage, and personal anecdote, I think we can call this one a trend.

Anecdote’s just: a guy I knew was walking around with a kid. He’d gone the Nepal route, but would certainly have done it via Mexico if that option had been available. (Mexico only recently legalized, apparently.)

I also recall a ton of interest in surrogacy on Dalrock’s website, but can’t find one specific post that I saw in passing. The real problem was men, burned by the system, advising against using American surrogates, ‘cuz they might change their minds later. Again, the done procedure is eggs from Eastern Europe, implantation in L.A. or San Diego, mother lives in Mexico. Various legal niceties also taken care of.

The fascinating parfuglyt is how quickly this particular response to the feminine imperative seems to have grown. It makes sense. Really, if your choices are an unemployable SJW with $200k in student loan debt that be paying for, or full parental rights to Irish twins for less than half that, and maybe a sweet au pair or older professional partner who wants to be part of your life on your terms, what would you take?

I suppose there will be critics who insist single men can’t be fathers. Actually, it’s single moms who screw the pooch on the raising kids thing. Children raised by single dads have very similar results to kids raised by married couples, though they don’t know nearly as many uncles as their single-mom-raised counterparts…


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