Do Chicks Hit The Mental Wall Earlier

Running joke from my karaoke nights. You do the MILF trilogy–Slide, Everlong, Desperately Wanting–you hook up, one night in three, irregardless of game. Umm, mee. But, as it happens, suddenly the chicks who are into that are all my age. Which. Ewwww.

So I experiment. And, mind you, I failed a bunch of times, but it’s Franz Ferdinand, Killlers (When You Were Young*), and Mumford (Little Lion Man) is my new trilogy.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Sometimes, if you’re singing karaoke, girls are like–I’m not listening to you. They’ll stand before you, poised against, I’m not listening to you!!!

But also sometimes, if you do a stripper tune, a la Mumford (Little Lione Man), Def Lepard (Pour Some Sugar on Me), AC/DC (You… Shook Me All Night Long), girls, especially hot girls, are like YEAH!

We won’t even talk about their reactions to me doing Nine Inch Nails.

Feminists have a problem with this. Beat them to death.

But also understand, there are some chicks. You sing well. They purposefully deny you.

Never fuck them.



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