Senator Gillibrand Solves Important Data Mystery

The puzzle of our IT lifetimes has been solved thanks to the NY Democrat! As a dude with a professional cert in data science, I’ve long wondered what the hell happened to chicks who got BAs in Information Architecture. If you haven’t heard of Information Architecture, it’s one of them STEM-sounding credentials that is fundamentally no different from a “studies” degree.

I experienced this first-hand at last year’s World Information Architecture Day. It was an incredibly well-funded seminar, sparsely-attended, worth it for the swag, except for the presentation itself. First half, our big lady speaker described the wonderful world of waterfall processes in the private sector (her extraordinary experience in project management no doubt why she now, ahem, consulted), briefly touched on the whole agile thing, and then an enthusiastic quiz session where we name-dropped multi-billion-social media companies.

In the afternoon, we planned a community garden, learning to identify stakeholders and detractors. I was Team Seed.

Seriously, women get degrees in this shit.

And apparently, at least one is now working for Senator Gillibrand.


Reported incidents fall below incidence rates.

What was that? I can’t even. You don’t like the data, 91% of colleges must be wrong. There isn’t any other possibility.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone at the table should at least agree the government ought not be regulating fantasy football. The rest of the time, I talk about my dog. Whom I bring. And take for long walks.


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